Pig/Pork: Zoology, Archaeology, Edibility

A popular science book by Pía Spry-Marqués

Pig PorkWhat is it that people in all four corners of the world find so fascinating about the pig? When did the human obsession with pigs begin, how did it develop through time, and where is it leading? Why are pigs so special to some of us, but not to others? Pig/Pork sets out to answer these and other porcine-related questions, examining human-pig interactions across the globe from the Palaeolithic to the present day.

Packed with facts, wisdom and porker lore, and accompanied by a liberal peppering of pork recipes and the stories behind them, Pig/Pork provides a thought-provoking account of where our food comes from and how this continues to influence many aspects of our behaviour and culture.

Publication date: September 2017 (Bloomsbury, Sigma science series)